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There are people who write songs, and then there are songwriters… people who write simply because they have no other choice, poets in denim who wonder if they’re poetic at all. It’s talk of fire, and the breath of storms passed that stirs the echoes of longing to express one’s self…

Til Willis came along after the birth of rock and roll, but before the setting of the sun in the home state of Elvis. A state that as John Magnie says, “Eats the roots of American music.” And, out of this climate Til strode with the confident swagger of a man possessed with the desire to be a songwriter.

Growing up on rock and roll made back during a time when “rock and roll” mattered, and it wasn’t about fashion and packaging, Til strives to deliver substance in his own orchard of sound. A listen to any of his albums, The Thought I Had, Shadow of the Future, Lovesick, Crimson Wind, or Cindershine confirms this level of commitment. It’s not bubblegum pop, or mindless distortion… This is American Rock, and Til has brought it to life on stages from Mississippi to California, Colorado to Oklahoma. He has headlined his own shows, as well as opening for such notable acts as Jesse Robinson, The Subdudes, Mel Melton and the Wicked Mojos, Fainting Goats, and Pete Seeger. He has composed scores for plays by playwright Steve Goode, and student films made at the University of Colorado. He has produced albums for artists like Drew Fowler, in addition to producing all of his own recordings.

In short Til Willis is an energetic young singer/songwriter with a voice that thunders, and a musical passion and vision that screams the haunted howl of hellhounds down a dusty road. Rock and Roll is freedom, and Til exercises his daily.

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201 E Aspen Ave.
Fruita, CO 81521
+1 (970) 260-5413

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201 E Aspen Ave
Fruita, CO 81521
+1 (970) 260-5413

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